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Thompsons Heritage

James Thompson was a Larne man born and breed who saw an opportunity after the war in 1945 to open an Electrical hardware shop on Upper Main Street in Larne. He recognised the need for the local rural farming community to source electrical supplies. At 47 years old James left his job as an electrician who worked at the Blue Circle cement depot in Magheramorne and opened “James Thompson” shop which also provided electricians to carry out the work.

In 1952 James’ daughter Margaret left Larne Grammar School at the age of 18 to accompany her brother, also named James, to complete the family owned business. In later years Margaret transformed James Thompsons focusing on retailing electrical products and household goods. Margaret then sold the shop to a local businessman named John McIlroy in 1993.

John managed the shop for 19 years and developed the products on offer, to include a huge selection of lamps (which most people call bulbs) are still a main focus in the shop today.

Thompsons is known not only for customer loyalty but also for the loyalty of the staff. Most of the employees have worked with the company for over 20 years, most remaining for the duration of their working lives. This serves as testimony to the vision James Thompson realised back in 1945. Thompson’s has delivered a sustainable business stretching over eight decades.

Thompsons has become a landmark store in Larne, it is currently owned and managed by Derek and Irene McGookin from Gleno, who purchased the business from John McIlroy in December 2012. Reverting back to a family owned business Thompsons Lighting has embraced online sales to ensure its survival for the future.

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