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Lighting design

There are not many single factors in your household that can change your mood, your health, the comfort of your home, the appearance of colours, and the feeling of a room with just one aesthetic – lighting.

Thompsons’ experienced staff can advise on the correct lighting plan for your home or business.
While most of us are trying to find the trendiest sofa to put into our living room or the best shade of blue to put into our home office, how you light your rooms with artificial light and how much natural light pours into your home can make all the difference.

If you are trying to find smart ways to enhance your home with light – here are some tips from Thompsons to get started with.

Illuminated and bright rooms make your home feel more spacious:

For those of you who struggle with trying to make your interiors feel larger, natural light and illumination can fool the eye. Dark rooms with larger furniture and well-lit rooms with less furniture can have the opposite affect when it comes to interior design.


Artificial light can beautify your home

Lighting technologies have come a long way in residential design. From eco-friendly varieties such as compact fluorescents and LED fixtures and bulbs.


thompsons-lighting-services-02Choosing the best lighting fixtures for your interiors

There are so many lighting fixtures on the market – we as homeowners are fortunate to have so many! Walk through your home at different times of the day to determine what activities you do the most in each room. Ambient or overall lighting usually consists of overhead lighting – while task lighting comes in the forms of under cabinet and table lighting. Ambiance lighting such as chandeliers and wall fittings add a unique ambiance to your space and are perfect for entryway and foyers. Choose lighting that compliments your interiors and allows you versatility in your everyday living.


Make your home feel like home with the addition of lighting

You can change the mood in your home instantly with the flipping on of a switch, the closing of a blind, or the lighting of a few candles. Your lifestyle and all it has to offer will be enhanced with natural and artificial lighting.

Create a home that you love to be in… with these lighting ideas!